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Welcome to the WW LONGHORN RANCH
The WW LONGHORN RANCH is a sustainable, organic, free range farm operated by June Wood and her children. Our goal is to live in harmony with our land and animals, and provide quality meat products with integrity to our costumers. Our beef is 100% grass fed and our pork as well as poultry products are free ranged on our 180 acre farm. Beef and pork raised and grown at the farm is USDA inspected and processed, while all poultry is processed on the farm. Due to recent improvements at the farm, we have received a 5a license, which allows us to sell not just the whole chicken, but breasts, thighs and wings as well. We strive to allow the animals to live as God intended. 

The farm also provides a "full circle" kitchen in which the food we raise along with other products from local farmers, is prepared by us and sold to people that are educated in what they eat. All products, including raw dog food, are sold at the Syracuse Regional Farmers Market. 

WW LONGHORN RANCH thanks you for supporting local agriculture. 
Contact us at:
Phone: (1) 315-447-5319   June Wood
Email: woodmickey789@gmail.com
We are open to suggestions on which sort of prepared food you would like to buy from us. Give us a shout on our Contact Us page telling us what type of prepared food you would like to see at the saturday market. We would love to hear from you.